Social Secretaries – Maddy Grand & Jordache Taylor

As social secs, we’re responsible for putting on the social events for the whole academic year. A large part of that is organising the regular nights out in Brighton for years 1 and 2. We also organise some of the biggest events like Medic Mayhem and the winter ball. Our role means we work closely with the freshers reps, sport reps and society reps.

What’s your favourite thing about BSMS?
There is a real sense of community that you don’t get at many other universities

What is your best memory of BSMS?
Winter ball was a huge highlight of first year, it was a super enjoyable way of celebrating the end and survival of first term (oh and every night out)

What do you like most about the other?
Maddy: she’s the perfect combination of weird, funny and fit – my kinda gal
Jordache: I don’t actually like her…

Who would win in a fight?
We tried testing this out in refreshers week but we both ended up laughing too much to finish (the answer is Jordache though)