Welcome to RockSoc!! A growing society set up for those both new and experienced at bouldering. We hold weekly sessions on Wednesdays at Boulder Brighton in which we socialise, train and encourage each other to build our climbing skills. For those who don’t know Bouldering is rock climbing stripped to the bare minimum. No harness and no ropes, only your climbing shoes and a chalk bag. You must navigate short climbing routes ranging from the straight forward, and increasing in difficulty to the more challenging climbs that require more physical and mental skill that you’ll need to persist at. Bouldering is a great way to utilise your entire body, including your brain! You need to plan your moves in advance, serving as a perfect way to get your mind off work and de-stress. The climbing routes are graded by a variety of difficulties so people of all ability can find their comfort zone and challenge their skills each week.

President: James Chu
Vice President: Pedro Silva