Paediatric Society

One of MedSoc’s biggest societies, PaedSoc is a student-run, interactive society. From socials and pub quizzes to an annual national conference, PaedSoc aims to inspire interest in child health and raise money for local paediatric charities. Our Teddy Bear Hospital runs regular trips to local schools to teach children aged 4-6 years about hospital, and hopefully get rid of any “White Coat Syndrome”. We hope to see you at our events!

President: Farazi Virk
Vice President: Ellen Bickley
Treasurer: Tom Copeland
Events Co-ordinator: Alicia Paessler
Secretary: Mohamed Yusuf
Webmaster: Polly Scott
Teddy Bear Hospital Rep: Layla Beckett
Advisor: Izzy Templeton
Second Year Rep: Phillip Tobias
Third Year Rep: Amina Bahri
Intercalation Rep: Robyn Creeden