International Students’ Society

Hi we’re BSMS’ newest society: The International Students Society!
We’re mostly second years with foreign passports that have travelled a long way to be here at BSMS. We unanimously wished that we had a society like this set up to take us under its wing when we had first set foot at BSMS, and at times, felt truly lost. Our goal upon establishing this society is to unite BSMS students from all corners of the world and integrate people of diverse backgrounds with those with local upbringings, as well as learn about new cultures and languages along the way! We hope to support each other and look out for one another, with a strong focus on the new-coming international freshers of each year.

To date, we have started a Facebook group, curated ‘Welcome Packs’ and have organised a meet and greet dinner! We’re very proud of our outcome thus far, in particular the collective effort placed into creating the Welcome Packs which were distributed at Freshers Fair. The documents included were a ‘Contacts’ page for first years to reach out to year 2 international students for any help/concern, a ‘FAQs’ sheet with information locals deem as ‘assumed knowledge’, for example the national emergency number being 999, ‘Tips and Personal Experiences’, and a ‘Who Are We’ page to summarise our mission for the year.

While we aim to organise a social event every term, we would like to spread the word and involve wider participation from international students in Phase 2. As our Dean, Malcom, informs us there are currently 51 international students at BSMS – where are the rest of you? 🙂

Join our Facebook page below or email here to say hi.

Our very first meet & greet… at Las Iguanas!

President: Lavina Mital
Vice President: Dania Raza
Treasurer: Omar Sadek