Medsin and Global Health Society


Medsin and Global Health Society

Medsin is a national student network tackling global and local health inequalities through education, advocacy and community action. We aim to do this through events and campaigns that raise awareness about issues that arise within the UK healthcare system and elsewhere that create or relieve health inequalities. Last year BSMS Medsin focussed on three main issues: Refugee Health, Climate Change and Sustainability in Health, and the junior doctor contracts debate. We held educational events and raised funds for the refugees in Calais, held a Food Waste Dinner Party to educate people about food waste and sustainability in healthcare and organised groups of medics to join the junior doctor contract protests. This year we will continue to campaign on climate change and hope to also focus on gender equity and health and global health education. If any of this interests you, come visit us at freshers fair!


President - Alicia Bekinska
Vice-President - Anita Bharhirathan
Secretary - Laura Gilbert
Treasurer - Laura Hennessy
Communications - Alice Lagnado
Phase 1 rep - Helena Bean
Phase 2 rep - Laura Gelmon

Pod Members - Alice Lagnado, Laura Gelmon, Philipp Schorscher, Dan Hadley, Emma Garry, Neil Calderwood, Rhian Davies, Lucy White


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BSMS MedSoc is the Medical Society of Brighton and Sussex Medical School.

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