AMECS is a student-­led society at Brighton and Sussex Medical School. We aim to enhance the medical school curriculum by facilitating peer­-to-­peer teaching initiatives and organising clinician­-led sessions for students of all years. This programme includes both the study of theoretical medical knowledge and its application. The society aims to champion medical education amongst the student body, helping to facilitate their development as future educators – a key GMC outcome.


We are developing our website to allow BSMS students to share resources and obtain support from the wider medical school community. Our events are among the most popular put on by any society at BSMS and are an invaluable addition to student life. The pooled wealth of knowledge and resources that AMECS can provide helps to turn you from that unsure kid overwhelmed with knowledge into a confident fully-fledged doctor extraordinaire.



President - Alex Langrish

Vice President - Paul Bonhomme

Secretary - Jeremy Beaumont

Year 5 Rep - Lucy Mortimer

Year 4 Rep - Viki Boncheva

Year 3 Reps - Charlotte Brown, Shreya Badhrinaraya & Marco Mund

Year 2 Rep - Keegan Curlewis  


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BSMS MedSoc is the Medical Society of Brighton and Sussex Medical School.

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