Welfare and Inclusivity Officer candidates

Welfare and Inclusivity Officer

Alex Ransome

Hi my name’s Alex, and I’m running for BSMS Welfare Representative!

I have personally experienced how vital welfare services are for students, who can silently struggle with uni life and personal issues. I have been an undergraduate for 7 years at 3 different unis, and have seen both failings of welfare systems and how good support can make all the difference to students’ lives.

I want to use my experience to champion welfare at BSMS, raising awareness and ensuring no-one feels they have to go through these difficulties without support.

I co-founded the national Tea & Empathy student’s support movement, and introduced this to BSMS last summer. This has been a great success, providing a peer support network for Phase 1 students and we look forward to growing this project to cover all phases.

My involvement with the BMA will also be a great chance to set up collaborations and get key initiatives up and running at BSMS. It has also given me great practice at receiving confidential information and liaising with numerous people to organise events and maintaining an event calendar.

I want to be your advocate, I want to hear your concerns and what you think may help your experience at BSMS.

Areas of focus will include:
• Continuing Chloe’s great work including promotion of sexual health and helping organise the MedSoc events calendar
• Raising awareness of mental health & where to turn for support
• Signposting of financial support & grants for medical students
• Improving support for graduate students & those with caring responsibilities
• Combating loneliness, a common problem encountered at university
• Invite pet therapy animals for essential winding down time!

Thank you for your vote!



Rabia Khokhar

My time so far at BSMS, as short as it is, has been thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding. From the very start, I was lucky to settle in quickly here, and meet plenty of amazing people of all backgrounds. It is without a doubt that others would feel the same, and share the same sense of belonging in the BSMS community. So far at BSMS, I have performed for the RAG Cabaret, become an active member of the dance society, taken part in a university dance competition, and organised two charity events. I also have connections with societies from both the University of Brighton and the University of Sussex, which has proved to be very useful with reaching out to a non-medic audience, promoting BSMS events and developing a great reputation. These are just a few accomplishments that have allowed me to get involved and integrate well at university. However, there are many more things that I would like to achieve, and I believe that being a member of the MedSoc committee would enable me to do so. This would be a very rewarding opportunity through which I could make a positive difference to my peers.
The welfare and inclusivity officer has an integral role in the MedSoc committee with supporting students, addressing any of their concerns and ensuring that everyone feels included and happy. I believe that I am suited to the role of welfare and inclusivity officer. I am an outgoing, responsible and approachable individual, I enjoy socialising and meeting new people and I am a good listener and responsible.
If I gain the role of welfare and inclusivity officer, I will continue to promote and run the tea and empathy sessions. These sessions are very popular with students and, having attended several sessions myself, I think that they are comforting and a nice way to relax and take a break from work. Additionally, as welfare and inclusivity officer I will ensure that all first years know about the support that is available to them, that they settle into university and are coping, and that socially everyone at the medical school is catered for.
Since Freshers week, we have all been made to feel very comfortable and as part of a family. I would like to get involved with doing the same for the next cohort, and I believe that I have what it takes to do so.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3


Cal Kenny

Hi, I’m Cal and I’m running for welfare and inclusivity!

As most of you probably know, this is my second attempt at first year because of extenuating circumstances. I would love the opportunity of this role as I think I could be the friendly face for other people who are struggling that I could have used last year. I’m caring, approachable, and I’ve been through all this first year stuff (twice!) before so people will know I’m not judgemental and I’m someone they can come to.

Chloe has done an amazing job this year, especially by getting people to talk more about mental health, and has been involved with T&E. This is something I’d want to continue, and this term I’ve started to get involved in T&E and I think my experiences could definitely help people. I can also appreciate the need for talking to someone confidentially given my own experiences, so people will know if they ask for help or advice from me that I am trustworthy and that it will stay between me and them.

In addition to this I’d love to get people talking about disability and learning difficulties next year and attempt to reduce some of the stigma surrounding this. It would be good to clear up some common misconceptions and also educating people. This is something I’m really passionate about and I feel it’s important to get people thinking about, as it means they can get help sooner rather than later if they’re struggling. I’d be looking at potentially providing more information and signposting for students who are struggling and raising awareness that there are many learning difficulties and these are not always obvious. Would love to figure out a way to set up a support network/Facebook group for students with learning difficulties to help each other, for example in finding new ways to study which would be particularly helpful for students who only get a diagnosis when they arrive at BSMS.

I think I can definitely carry on all of Chloe’s hard work while at the same time leave my own mark on BSMS!

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