Welfare and Inclusivity Officer candidates

Welfare and Inclusivity Officer

Samantha Cooper

I'm Samantha and I'm running for Welfare & Inclusivity Rep. The ideas I would like to implement if I’m elected focus on wellness, mental health support and peer guidance.

Student mental health affects us all, and I am determined to work with Student Support to implement Help Your Mate Workshops and Mental Health First Aid Courses or similar to improve peer awareness.

If I become welfare rep I hope to involve all years in producing "Tell Your Younger Year Self" guidance such as how to adapt from lecture halls to the wards.

Wellness events such as dog therapy help us to relax and destress from medicine and I would like to introduce more of these events for medics.

I would ensure freshers receive guidance in their welcome packs, in case they need signposting to any services that can help when transitioning to uni, including how to get home safe after a night out or what to do if your fridge breaks!

I would like to implement a questions & concerns box where students can anonymously ask for advice and receive the answers monthly via a wellbeing newsletter also including wellness techniques and helpful tips on how to survive Med School!


Ellen Peters

You guessed it… your resident social justice warrior is applying for welfare and inclusivity rep! (Jokes…. But you may have seen my many Facebook arguments that have ended in vain)

I’m involved in a wide range of activities at BSMS, from being in medic revue (side note: get your tickets pls) to being medical feminist society first year rep. From this, I feel like I know my year and their concerns regarding the medical school pretty well… well enough to run for welfare rep you many say? I’ve also developed my communication skills through this… is that too personal statement-y?

I’d really like to expand sessions like dog therapy, especially during pre-KT periods, when we all just need a furry friend before going back to the library to smash out anatomy (that you’ve left to last minute….). Maybe we could even start BSMS dog walking sessions!

Medicine is stressful as it is, and even with the sick student support team, personal issues can take over. As your welfare and inclusivity rep, listening to student feedback and presenting it to the medsoc committee (confidentially and impartially) is a way I could implement real change and improve BSMS’s student experience!

BSMS MedSoc is the Medical Society of Brighton and Sussex Medical School.

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