Vice President candidate

Vice President

Matt Williams

“We must rekindle the fire of idealism in our society.” – Joe Biden, VP USA

It is with great honour and delight that I wish to inform you of my decision to run for quite possibly the most important role within medscoc, VP. For centuries civilisations have been built and dynasties established, with leaders coming and going. Yet one thing remains throughout all of this, a strong number 2. (A good number 2 is always good) Every Obama needs their Biden, every batman there is a robin, and who would Shrek be without his donkey? I will be YOUR donkey; I can and will be that strong women keeping the all-powerful Harry Cross grounded.
In my previous degree (yes I’m a grad aged 22 even though I look 18) I was heavily involved with Portsmouth Uni RAG, helping to raise a large amount of money by running a marathon. (yes I run in case you hadn’t heard) I have also been involved in many leadership roles throughout my previous employment, strongly believing that leading from the front (or at least 2nd behind a president) is what makes a strong leader.
I strongly believe in what medsoc stands for and believe that this years current committee have done a great job, and I am passionate in continuing what they have set out to achieve this past year. I would love the opportunity to represent all 5 years of the medical school and I would strive to integrate individuals of all years to create a more cohesive med school. One way I would like to do this is by supporting the societies reps and really emphasising the importance of all societies not just the big names.
I have worked as a student rep the past year, and as a result have been able to get an understanding of the logistics of how the medical school is run behind the scenes, and believe these relationships I have built with members of staff such as the perfect woman Liz Kae and academics would benefit medsoc greatly. I aim to assist all members of the new medsoc committee, present fair and non-bias suggestions, and above all create a new colour scheme to the weekly calendar created by my personal hero, and fellow marathon running enthusiast Daniel Simms.
A vote for me is a vote for the people, vote Matt ‘Biden’ Williams

See you at hustings x


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