Treasurers candidates



Shaun Dowling & Chris Bennett

We believe we are suitable candidates for treasurers due to our combined experience with previous retail work and finance handling. Chris has almost 4 years’ experience of student life giving him plenty of experience of living within a set budget and during this time worked in B&Q showrooms designing kitchens and managing all sales calculations, creating excel worksheets that calculated all statistics needed for managers (regarding cost and efficiency), whilst Shaun has lived in and worked as bar manager in a local pub which required invoicing, frequent banking trips and ensuring that wages and taxes were paid correctly and quickly.

We are both organised individuals and feel we have the ability to manage and record finances effectively and communicate with all members clearly and effectively. If elected, we will work closely with the committee and be active members of the medsoc family, attending all meetings and making ourselves easily available at all times. We also believe we have the ability to ensure that funds are managed fairly and efficiently for the committee and all its members, whilst also saving money on unnecessary expenses to ensure there are funds available for future events.


Aderonke Adesanoye & Edris Yousoof

A while ago, the British people voted for change. They voted to shape a brighter future for our country.
They voted to leave the European Union and embrace the world.
And what a shame that was.

So why not make the right decision today and vote for Aderonke and Ed as the new BSMS treasurers.

What do we have to offer?

We are very time efficient. Ed somehow manages to go to the gym 163893 times a week,  attends lectures AND still succeeds. What is that? Dedication. 

Aderonke already has some experience in societies, taking part in CMF and even trying to build the BSMS ACS. She is the Captain America to Ed’s Bucky.

Our aims this year:
- To try and promote a more speedy process in societies receiving money. 
- The cashless times are upon us, we can only adapt. We plan to complete a smooth transition into cashless payment.
- To ensure that every student truly benefits from the Medsoc memberships they prescribe to, so you can be broke BUT happy.

I leave to you to make a very important decision.

Wakanda Forever!

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