Treasurers candidates


Alex Taylor & Humaid Ghori

Welcome to our manifesto.

The year 2017 promises to be a tumultuous year, requiring monetary stability and the balanced economic control which no political party has achieved. We will provide strong and stable leadership to ensure Medsoc will flourish and thrive under our financial guidance.
Our targets:
- Ensuring everybody is getting their money’s worth out of Medsoc, by making all events as cost-effective as possible. This means minimising wastage and maximising income for potential future developments.
- We will accurately count the money all the time.
- We shall root out the cancerous corruption that could potentially plague any financial institution.
- Keeping open lines of communication with relevant financial contacts; such as USSU and the medical school.
Key skills:
- Involved in a wide range of extra-curricular events organised at BSMS, including sports, socials and societies.
- Previous committee experience.
- Never lost a game of heads or tails.
- A grand total of 2x GCSE maths, and 1x A-level.
Medsoc is a committee that is founded on a strong sense of teamwork and being two friendly and approachable people we feel that we would perfectly fit the role; we would represent more than just the money in Medsoc, we would represent every Medsoc member. We can be the steady economic hand that BSMS deserves through our hard work and commitment.
As a famous person once said – ‘’Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail’.’
So we look towards you to make our dream of treasurers come true - vote! Please.
Alex and Humaid.


Aiswarya Nagasubramony & Momna Sajjad

Hey medics! This is Ash and Momna here to give you 1.3 reasons why you should vote for us.

We are good at maths!

We’ve got 99 problems but counting ain’t one. Studies show that Asians are 29% better at managing and safeguarding the organisation’s finances compared to other ethnic groups. And yes, we did just make those facts up. However, jokes aside, there is more to this than just a bad point! Momna has spent 1 year bookkeeping for her father’s company. She enjoys creating spreadsheets to keep a record of financial transactions, managing different accounts and analysing cost of operations which means we will be able to deal with the finances needed to develop MedSoc. On the other hand, Ash was born ready for this role, which is why her surname is NagasubraMONEY. Ash’s previous experiences of managing funds for various clubs and societies has prepared her for this role.

We’re here to make a change

We understand that the role of a treasurer comes with great responsibility, efficiency, and exceptional attention to detail. That is why we are prepared to give our 120% in order to carry on the legacy of the previous treasurers as we bring a fresh outlook to the table. Our mission is to ensure that you, the people, get the best possible value for your investments into MedSoc. We hope to accomplish this by:
• Cooperating with the Sponsorship Rep to increase sponsorship funds in order to lower the price of MedSoc membership and social events, such as Winter Ball. This will be done by creating a detailed sponsorship report filled with MedSoc’s previous successes and future plans of expenditure.
• Devising a system either through social media or an external website that will allow Medsoc to be more transparent and keep you up to date about where and how they are spending YOUR money. We hope to have termly financial reports that summarise our activities in a more public friendly manner. This will allow you to highlight ideas for potential expenditure and scrutinizing spending decisions.
• Maintaining accountability by facilitating a streamlined process to evaluate financial requests to prevent overspending and cut losses.

In this role, we will strive to go above and beyond to ensure you get the most out of your BSMS experience. Vote for us as treasurers and we'll make sure that your votes are treasured.

Ash & Momna


BSMS MedSoc is the Medical Society of Brighton and Sussex Medical School.

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