Third Year Reps candidates

Third Year Reps

Cal Barnes & Megan Harrison

Hey hey hey! We’re Callum and Megan (although hopefully you know us by now) and we’re running for the role of 3rd year rep! YAAAAAAAAAAAS QUEEN!

We’ve both had a pretty big impact on the MedSoc committee this year, Cal as social sec coming up with new and unforgettable socials and arranging an incredible winter ball, and Meg as treasurer doing mostly boring behind the scenes stuff (ngl) that is leading to a predicted profit for MedSoc for the first time in years - SHOW ME THE MONEY.

Together we feel we’d be the perfect team to give you a PHENOMENAL ball to mark making it half way to becoming a real life shiny doctor (eek). Cal has organised a fab ball already and Megan has been negotiating the budgets for the three different MedSoc balls throughout the year, so we’re ready to throw you an unforgettable ball for this special occasion! We’re also thinking of having a small HWTB committee so that more people can get involved. YOU BETTA WERK!

Of course, the other aspect of our role is socials – just because we’re leaving phase one doesn’t mean we’re leaving the party scene! Cal’s already got organising socials down after this year, and we think this will be crucial to keep us together as third year tries to steal us away into the grown-up world of needles and catheters.

We’ve still got ideas to contribute to the committee and would like to have a continuing influence. As well known BNOCs (sorry bout it), approachable and open characters in the year we hope we can continue to represent your views as we hope we have done this year. We absolutely love our year group, and we’re so proud to be a part of it, so we hope you’ll vote for us to rep it up for the BIG year to come!



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