Third Year Reps candidates

Third Year Reps


Bee Mlilo & Matei Berceanu

Phase 2 is upon us and the only ones that can protect us from the hordes of rotations are Matei and Bee.

With his badly dyed hair and his devotion to the two-faced god, Matei can convince anyone to attend any social. Due to his appalling attendance, he has more than enough time to perfectly plan events that will fulfil your needs.

When it comes to Bee, not only does she possess Bran-like knees, but she also has his sight. You would be lucky to escape her camera on a night out, however, this is how she has learnt all your likes and dislikes.

This crack-team duo will freeze away even the night king in order for you all to have a good time.

Trust Bee and Matei to plan the perfect events, suited to everyone’s needs. You can be assured you are in safe hands as they bring these qualities to the table:

  • Organise and plan events that YOU’RE interested in
  • Represent you
  • And plan a feast of a half way there ball

Make us your 3rd year reps and we will help you cross the narrow sea to 3rd year and hold the door to phase 2 for

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