Sports reps candidates

Sports Reps

George Le Bihan & Robyn Creeden

George feels more than capable of taking on the giants of Brighton Sport due to his survival as the smallest member of BSMS rugby. He plans on ensuring that MedSoc meetings are run like a Matt Williams marathon: at a nice steady pace, with plenty of stops for refreshments, and if possible done in under four hours. He is also a member of BSMS hockey where he has shown he is more than capable of finding diplomatic solutions, by dealing with Harry Cross on a night out.


Robyn is frequently described as a keeper by Aashiq, BSMS Hockey and Sussex Hockey. She says her experience in goal will put her in a good position to block all unwanted sport Brighton emails. Despite hailing from Southampton she is keen to go back and defeat them in varsity on their home turf, in much the same way Mourinho faced down Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, except hopefully this time to victory. Yoga practice has taught her how to remain calm throughout a busy schedule as well as how to balance in third warrior. This demonstrates efficiency and resilience, which together with George’s PR skills would allow the Sports Rep role to be fully fulfilled to fullness.


Transferrable skills that will make us indispensable Sports Reps:
o We like sport and other activities such as occasionally lifting heavy things and running from Old Steine to the club so as not to miss last entry
o One of us has a super high peak flow and the other has a more average peak flow which averages to give us above average lung function
o We are self-confessed coffee addicts which already sets us up for long nights arranging pitch hire and team captain reimbursements
o We both have experience in downing dirty pints without gagging


We feel that Gus and Gemma have done a winning job so our first goal is to keep BSMS sport running smoothly. Our further aims are:
o Help facilitate and bring back the trophy for #Varsity 2K18
o Inspire current students and a new generation of Freshers to join BSMS sport
o Continue the previous work of other reps in large scale sports and activities
o Work with different sports to investigate regular social leagues such as 5 a side football
o Collaborate with Fresher’s Reps and Social Secs for nights out
o Give BSMS what they want from sports


Belal Ahmad & Josie Porter

We will dive head first into trying to blow the whistle on people avoiding paying MedSport memberships and ensuring we tackle any problems with Sport Brighton without any foul-play. We want to hit the ground running early in the year, working with the Fresher’s Reps to carry on the tradition of Toga night in Fresher’s Week, in addition to continuing other traditions including the sports meal and sports socials throughout the year. We know the importance of handling money and will ensure we splash the MedSport cash effectively. 


We all know medical school is not the time to spend training to become the next Jess Ennis or Andy Murray (no one wants to become the next Andy Murray anyway). Our main goal would be to try to provide more sporting activities for everyone, including those who would not normally regard themselves as athletes, while maintaining opportunities for high level competition for the more regular sportsmen and women. 


Our ideas:

• Bring back the 5 aside football tournament

• Run a beach volleyball social at Yellowave Brighton

• Make bouldering more of a regular event

• Work with social secs to organise a football zorbing social

• Rounders social with BBQ 

• BSMS goes swimming

• Most importantly, carry on varsity tradition and bring the trophy back to BSMS for another year.


We have experience of being team captains in a variety of sports providing us with the leadership and teamworking skills essential for the role of sport rep. Having both played sport since a young age including competing to a high standard; we believe together we can bring the perfect mix of organisation, dedication and most importantly, love of sport that will make us great sports reps for next year. 

Gus and Gemma have done an incredible job this year, and we hope, if appointed, we can continue their amazing work. 

To make all your sporting dreams come true…


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