Sponsorship Rep Candidates

Sponsorship Representative

Gabby Alexander-Harvey

Hi, I'm Gabby (1st year) and I'm excited to be running for the brand-new position of Sponsorship Rep.

While I’ve never had the chance to represent a university scale society for sponsorship, I feel the position draws on my experiences from previous roles I’ve held and enjoyed; throughout school and 6th form I’ve been heavily involved with the charities Oasis Childcare and Myeloma UK, and had the opportunity to present their cause at the MTG Youth for Charity Project, placing first and securing £2,000 for the charity. From presenting at such events, I feel I would be confident with representing MedSoc to potential sponsors. I'm looking forward used to keeping in close contact with current sponsors as well as working to extend BSMS MedSoc's network.

I'd love to produce a small termly summary of the sponsored MedSoc and society events (featuring events such as the Paedsoc conference & ball, EMSoc Trauma conference & much more) as a thank you to those who've been involved with supporting such exciting events.
I would also like to see BSMS MedSoc connecting with more local companies and organisations and promoting their cause in recognition of sponsorship. This year my highlight was attending the Sussex Trauma Network Conference and oh yes, I networked, (~cringe~ but I can promise you I wouldn’t be too shy to network with potential sponsors)

Current projects:
With a few friends from Cardiff Medical School (boo), I've formed a small network of members of the RCS and Barber's Surgeons and the opportunities accessed through these have been fantastic. I know such companies are always interested in sponsoring and networking with medical students, so this role would be the perfect opportunity to facilitate this.

Thank you!


Morenike Dasilva

I'm not quite sure what a sponsorship rep does but I'm very organised, i have great communication skills and i REALLY want a cool T-Shirt.

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