Sponsorship Rep Candidates

Sponsorship Representative


Zahraa Alzoubedi

I’m Zahra and I want to be your sponsorship rep!

I know that the fab events that Medsoc put on aren’t free, and that we need funds to go towards it. I promise that I’ll excel at pestering companies until they give us stuff and sponsor us. I’m very persistent and persuasive. I have managed to find sponsorship for a society I’m on this year from a big medical company, so I have experience! I’m also very organised (spreadsheets and diaries are key).

I’ve been on four societies this year and I was on quite a few at my old uni, having been secretary, publicity, phase 1 rep, communications rep and social media rep. I’ve also been student rep for 2 years, so I have experience of positions of responsibility and of societies.

I want to be part of MedSoc because it’s a great opportunity and I’ve had so much fun attending the events put on by MedSoc, I’d love to be on the other end to help to contribute towards them.

I hope I’ve been able to persuade you that I’m somewhat qualified for this role, that I’ll do my best, and that I have your vote.


Pedro Silva

I am running for the sponsorship rep position as I am very eager to be part of MedSoc and I believe that This is the best way for me to contribute to its improvement. I am very capable of communicating formally and have no problem with composing emails, moreover I am shameless and will ask literally every company if they would like to advertise something in our group page/sponsor our events. I would focus mostly on medic related companies but would also like to expand our horizon to companies with products aimed at students/adults in general (Audible? Skillshare?) so we can make as much money as possible to fund our events, nights out and freshers week. Another one of my focuses would be to work together with sports reps to arrange more sponsorships to fund more football kit and equipment. Vote for P and make bare P.

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