Societies reps candidates


Yasmin Dhuhga & Midra Shanthikumar

Hey everyone! We are Yasmin and Midra and we are running for society reps. ;)


We want to make sure every student has the opportunity to participate in societies and achieve a work life balance. From personal experience, we know how difficult it can be to get involved in university life. We want to encourage and support people to increase participation in societies whether it’s we love ‘Yasmin and Midra’ society to choir ;) 


We are both organised and like to pay attention to detail. We have learnt the importance of being able to adjust quickly, prioritise tasks and you can count on us for speedy replies. We work well together as shown by winning our SSC debate on fat vs carbs, ask Belal, Nidhi and Aliisa for more details ;).


With Yasmin’s pure sass and Midra’s comforting skills we can assure you that we will keep all societies in line as well as support them. We want all representatives to be happy with their society as well as students to get the most out of the society they join.


Here are just a few of our ideas:

- To organise a successful fresher’s fair that will be fun for everyone, ensuring we can all get the most out of it.

- Make a presentation for the fresher’s fair, which will include videos from events that have happened over the past year, to allow societies to show what they have done. Have picture of events at each stall. 

- Make sure the fresher’s fair is interactive so fresher’s know what it is like to be in the society 

- Ensure we offer support and advice to all societies and their representatives in helping to organise events

- Hold a competition at the fresher’s fair to see which society can sign up the most members to have a bit of fun. 

- Competitions between the societies e.g. the most successful event – to encourage societies to get more people involved. 

- Making sure information about societies can easily be accessed by all students 


Please vote for us :)


Amber Moys & Honey Manso

BSMS, have no fear, your new society saviours are here! Win’s waffly essays and Witchell’s mnemonics getting you down? You can count on us, Amber and Honey, to save you from KT despair. We firmly believe that the amazing societies at BSMS are an important part of every medical school experience and are key to surviving the long road ahead. That’s why we are committed to continuing the great work that all the societies do, and ensuring everyone gets involved. 


Having been both chair and founder of our past school’s Medsocs, we have the experience and skills to successfully manage the wide variety of societies at BSMS. We are both extremely organised, and when Amber gets her highlighters out shit is getting serious. What’s more, having lived together in arguably the best flat in BSMS (shout out to 62), we have a tight bond that lets us work together easily. I mean, if Amber can drag Honey along to cheerleading try-outs, what can’t she make her do? 


We hope people would agree that we’re both friendly and approachable faces who can be a first point of call for societies, or even students wanting to get more involved. Being straight from school, we understand that joining med school can be a daunting process, and being part of societies can be a really great way of integrating into the big BSMS family. Plus, we both lack skills or interests in specific activities, so we can sympathise that it is difficult to know what to join when your amateur in almost everything! (This also means we have no bias when mediating between societies and can provide impartial judgements.)


However, this role isn’t all about the societies, it also involves being diplomatic and level-headed enough to vote in all important Medsoc meetings. As we are both big personalities who aren’t afraid to say it how it is, we think we can fairly represent the BSMS cohort in the voting process, and would love to be involved in the progression of Medsoc. 


Now I hope you’re sitting down for this, because we have some big plans for the societies at BSMS, as well as continuing the great work of all those that have come before us (big up medic parents). For example: 

• The most (insert OTT adjective) fresher’s fair you’ve ever seen

• A boozy refreshers society social

• The biggest election week since the 08/06 snap election for first year society reps


If you want to find out more, get down to Hustings! 

Vote Amber and Honey (M&M)!!!!


Yasmin Dhuhga & Midra Shanthikumar 

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