Social secretary candidates

Social Secretaries

Iain Peacock & Ellie Deane

Hey ladz, Iain and Ellie here – prepare yourselves and reserve some liver because we are here to bring you some mad nights out!!


As town veterans we know what makes a good night. We’re gonna continue the med school favourite ABC social as well as introduce some of our own spicy themes. Our personal favourites include “dress as your house mate”, “dress as a lecturer”
(Iain is going as Claire Smith) and, our absolute favourite, “what you were wearing when the police raided the brothel” (A.K.A Classy vs trashy).


Cal and Elliot have done an amazing job this year! But we want more non-alcohol socials so that everyone feels included and so that we can chill with people when we’re not absolutely smashed!! We aim to add to UV dodgeball by working with the sports reps to host a football zorbing event. We also aim to add to our family dynamic by organising another medic family event later in the year and introducing AT group or clinical skill group BBQs. However, the crème de la crème of non-alcohol socials has to be the medical school take me out which is in honour of Midra and all our other singleton peers.


In continuation of our theme of inclusivity, we aim to organise socials with the physician associates (PAs). Despite being part of our med school and even sitting in our lectures, as their course has just started this year, PAs have no representation in MedSoc. As a result, this year’s cohort has been left out of our family. To resolve this, we would like to invite all PAs to winter ball.


P.S. we’re running for social sec if you haven’t already guessed!!!


Lots of love, Iain and Ellie xx


Candice Rademaker & Elsie Jones

It’s time to make BSMS great again. Cal and Elliot have done an amazing job this year, and we hope to follow in their footsteps by organising socials that work around everyone’s timetables (less socials before 9am symposiums and DR). We want all years and ages to be able to get involved as well as those who are more keen to preserve their liver function so we plan to run at least one big sober event a term (e.g. bouldering and a summer fete, maybe even inter-medic family bowling!).


We know everyone loves to dress up occasionally, we will of course keep some of the classic themes (ABC, Medic Mayhem etc.), but we also have loads of new theme ideas and will be sure to give you lots of notice so that you can all bring your A game.


In terms of experience, we are Liz Bae level organised, Candice has organised two balls before (if you know what I mean boys), which were great successes, and Elsie has plenty of experience acting as sheep-herder from prees to town, something that her friends find annoying, but will be a great skill when organising hordes of first years. We envision the winter ball being elegant and classy, just like Candice’s weekly trips to Waitrose, with lots of input from you guys.


Vote for a sesh you can believe in, a sesh you can aspire to, and a sesh you can look back on through tears of joy. The boys have created a legacy that we intend to uphold. A vote for us, is a vote for all of the great times you want to have next year. You know what to do.


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