Secretary candidate


Kristi Ledger

Hi!! I’m Kristi, you can call me Krispy if you like – yes, I do have an unhealthy relationship with Krispy Kreme’s! Here’s some reasons why I would be great for the role of secretary:


  • I worked as a secretary for a large finance company during my three years at university (yeh I’m old) as well as other admin heavy jobs over the years
  • I was the School Representative Officer (SRO) at my previous university – arranging meetings with students, staff and the heads of the school to relay student issues. My responsibilities included organising meetings, creating agendas, taking minutes. Subsequently I ensured everyone in the department and the students were given the minutes and any updates to keep them informed of proposed changes they wanted.
  • Working in law firms has made me a very fast typist after learning to type from dictation tapes. Still easier than trying to read a doctor’s handwriting!

Personal Qualities:

  • I’ve learnt to be organised and manage my time, so I will be able to manage the role efficiently. I’m pretty ancient – but it means I’ve learnt to manage life admin! Mostly…
  • I want to be involved with bringing you the best committee!
  • I can multitask! 

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