President candidate



Danny Ray

The way i learnt how medsoc works is based on a year of being a fresher and a year as a fresher rep. My (albeit little) experience was none the less 110% valuable. Having had 2 pretty dope presidents I would love to try and do the same myself. To be honest I like delegating and I think I'm genuinely not that bad at it.

Firstly I want everyone's nights out represented. I want more sports nights going from walkies to pryzm and more nights at shoosh.

I want to try and bring the murmur to the front stage. It involving loads of people in a cool project that could keep people informed on how the sports teams and societies are getting on. I would like to try and get the murmur to ex alumni. This would definitely be a challenge, but I think making sure the ex students who used to attend bsms still have a sense of belonging is important. The nostalgia, the memories and the bsms family.

Also I want to continue to work with our sponsors. Fran and cal worked hard and did a really good job this year, it was unfortunate that there was a misunderstanding so early on in for the freshers fair preventing us from receiving the funding as possible. I look forward to using their groundwork so we can have more money to spend next year.
In reality I don't have that much more new to bring. All I really want to say is I've got a hard working attitude and I'm prepared to give it my all.

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