IT & Communications candidate

IT & Comms

Ibrahim Hamami

I’d like to begin by acknowledging the IT & Comms reps of previous years for the excellent job that they did. The previous reps created and maintained a social media profiles on multiple platforms; Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. The BSMS MedSoc website is also an impressive achievement which has a user friendly interface, information about reps, various societies and even academic support pages tailored to each individual year of medical school.
I believe that I would make a good IT & Comms rep because:
- I am easily reachable by email at all times
- I am active on all social media platforms
- I have experience in general computer skills, organising events, video editing and website management

And if necessary, I am willing to reach out to previous reps for guidance in order to ensure that I am fulfilling my role to a high standard.
My aims as IT & Comms rep do not involve any dramatic policy changes to the way things are being run today. I do not plan on building a wall around Sussex and making Brighton pay for it, nor will I take away your guns. My main policy is to keep things running smoothly are they are doing currently.
If elected I will do this by:
- being active on all social media platforms including frequent snapchat stories, instagram posts and tweets.
- promoting MedSoc events through social media
- maintaining and updating the MedSoc website
- utilising feedback from previous reps and my peers to implement new ideas

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