Intercalation Nibbles

Intercalation Representative

Dan Sims

Two years on MedSoc has been an interesting experience (if you count the year as RAG President…yes, that’s MedSoc). But it has provided me with a more than reasonable understanding of how the society runs, what is required of a committee member and how things could be improved.

Furthermore, intercalating at Sussex will allow me to assist MedSoc and it’s members in the best possible way. Not only will it mean I can attend meetings more regularly on behalf of intercalators, but also means I can lend a hand to the committee at larger scale events such as Freshers Week to allow them to run more smoothly. Being based in Brighton, I will be ideally placed to learn and share knowledge from both the medical school and MedSoc that may be pertinent to intercalators both in and away from Brighton. Additionally, I’d like to build on the buddy scheme created by Meggie this year to allow future intercalators to learn about opportunities at various universities prior to applying because everyone needs a buddy.



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