Graduate/Mature rep candidates

Graduate/Mature Rep


Fergus Wilkie

I'm not a grad but vote for me anyway? I look 15 but I can pull it off x

Miriam Sadiq

I’m a graduate and spent 3 years studying at Bradford university- suitably qualified or what??? ;)

Being a graduate can be kind of tough- dealing with jobs, social life, financial issues, relationships/families and other responsibilities. Even more, we might have already spent three years or more going through the wild uni/partying experience and we want something more chilled.

That’s where I come in… I hope I can be someone you can come talk to, helping you with graduate issues, as well as organising epic events more suited for grads. This really includes non-alcoholic events, shisha (based on current grads lol), trips to town, hikes, game nights, BBQs, bonfire nights and tea and coffee/bingo for the really old ppl (jokes). The list is endless.

The social reps organise amazing night outs, it’s not about segregation but about providing something additional if undergrad/grad students want to do something more relaxed/don’t drink and complimentary to the other social events. It would be great to collaborate with the social secs too so more events are catered for more people. :)

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