Graduate/Mature rep candidates

Graduate/Mature Rep


Ana Shahmiri

Hello BSMS I am Ana, despite looking 12 believe it or not I am a grad (shamefully turned 25 this year). My undergrad was at Coventry, where I spent the first two years getting all my crazy nights behind me (well sort of). This taught me that we don’t (always) need to get wasted to have a good time! As a result of this I plan on running a campaign based on mingling and a great time- not solely on how many units we can drink before the GMC get our names in their little black books. I love the sound of going go-karting, organising day trips, theatre shows, wine and movie nights! For all those whose cells are fuelled on ethanol though, I’m not running a prohibition!

I am currently the president for Anatomy (responsible for the eventful Halloween Party), International Society and part of Anaesthetics which means I can take on the challenge of having to communicate with those powers that be to get your points across! It is especially important that all of us get to integrate, and break the shackles of those phase constraints that seem to be thrust upon us! If you vote for me I can honestly say I will give it my best shot, and try to fill the role with all the joy and excitement my small stature will allow! Vote Anahita (can you see why I shorten it?!) for your Graduate/ Mature rep 2017/18- pretty please! 


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