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Freshers Reps


Pretesh Patel, Hannah Beck, & Olivia Thompson

For Pretesh Patel being Freshers’ Rep was more than a dream. It was DESTINY.

He spent £9000 and a year of his life studying biomedical sciences. Not because he has any interest in Biomedicine (who does?) but to ensure that when the time came to apply for Freshers’ Rep, he would know the streets of Brighton like the back of his hand.

Creating the Freshers Week of his dreams would require more than one individual (even of his calibre). He needed 2 more to fulfil his DESTINY.

Hannah Beck – Biggest Freshers Mess, Best Slut Drop, Surgsoc Rep.

Olivia Thompson – Beerinteering Mess, HOMED Rep, RAG Rep, Gap Yah Veteran.

With these credentials, they were clearly the women for him.

Each of us has formed close bonds with our Medic Family, but through discussion with our peers we have discovered that not everyone has been so fortunate. We will commit to hours of stalking to ensure each family has the CHILDREN they were DESTINED for. To create tight-knit families from the get go we aim to introduce a greater emphasis on healthy competition between the families throughout the week.

As well as delivering the rowdy nights that many of you are after, we are eager to create a week in which non-alcoholic events are held to an equal stance. An idea of ours is a mid-week primary school themed ‘sports day’ afternoon. By making it free, easy to get to and not clashing with other events we hope to achieve a large year group attendance.

Using your experiences and suggestions, our Freshers Week will combine classic events with modern ideas; alcoholic with non-alcoholic and laid back with lively to create a FRESH SESH led by PRETESH.

DESTINY’S CHILDREN – Make your vote count.

Maddy Wood, Amy Parker & Rob Taylor

Howdy! We are Maddy, Amy and Rob, aka the Crème Fraîchers, and we’d love to be your freshers’ reps! We have EXPERIENCE, RESPONSIBILITY, and a FRAÎCHE PERSPECTIVE to put on the BIGGEST and BEST Freshers week BSMS has ever seen!


  • Our Freshers week will include fun sporting activities following the success of bouldering in Threefreshers week
  • Walking tour of Brighton to stop the new kidz getting lost in the big city
  • PSYCHO-ANALYSIS!! - Thoroughly investigate new freshers to accurately match them up with medic parents in good time
  • Maddy and Amy have been 1st year reps and know the ins and outs of organising club nights, speaking to our year group, and working for Medsoc
  • Refreshers and Threefreshers weeks were a big success – and we learned a lot!
  • Rob was house captain in year 6 so brings the professional expertise
  • Freshers week is fun but can be daunting for new students – we’ll make sure there’s enough support in place to maximise fun and minimise stress
  • We recognise BSMS has a diverse population (drinkers, non-drinkers, school leavers and grads) and will work to encourage integration and make sure everyone feels included
  • Emphasise importance of medic families – they’re a great support network to arrive into
    Thanks to the Bleach boys, we had a FANTASTIC Freshers week, and we would receive the BATON of RESPONSIBILTY with safe and caring hands.

We are going to give the fresh meat a week they’ll NEVER forget!

Kisses and créme,

The Crème Fraîchers x x x

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