Freshers Reps candidates

Freshers Reps

Bradley Stewart & Joe Tan

Hi we are Bradley and Joe and here’s why we think we'd make good freshers reps next year:

-Socially; We are both sociable people and love to talk to and bring people together. This is evident in the pre-drinks we often annoy our respective flatmates by organising.

-Listeners; while both of us went out every night and had a smashing time in freshers last year, we are very much open to suggestions and feedback.

-Organisation: Joining the RAG committee as first year rep has been a great opportunity for Joe to be involved with organisation of events for BSMS’s biggest society. Similarly, Bradley’s room is really tidy.

-Commitment; hopefully evident in our video, presentation, cocktails and general demeanour. We truly are the keenest of beans, willing to dedicate a lot of time and effort to the cause.

-Teamwork; communication is important within the multidisciplinary team [1] and if our campaign has proved anything it's that we make a pretty sexy duo.

-Thinking outside the box; we chucked Keegan in a bush for our video which something probably never done before. Mavericks.

The plan

BSMS may be a young medical school, but it has its traditions and freshers week is no different. There are certain elements we would be fools to change; champagne reception, family meal, pub golf, toga night, beach night, beerienteering, the RAG treasure hunt and the sunday brunch were a few key successes that the year remembers our first week by. Here’s what we want to do:

>>Bring the same good planning and smooth running of events

>>Work closely with other reps to ensure a good diversity of activities to cater for all tastes (not just ethanol).

This could include:

-working with sports reps to organise some Paddocks vs Lewes Court games (e.g. Sporting challenges before toga night)

-working with the RAG or graduate rep to organise an entertainment and awards evening at the weekend.

>>Give the incoming freshers an unforgettable welcome to the BSMS family. >>Go Pro the whole week? Use the footage to make an epic video montage


1. Belbin RM. Management teams: Why they succeed or fail. 3rd ed England: Routledge; 2010
Word count: 400 (excluding bibliography)

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