Fourth Year Rep Candidates

Fourth Year Reps

Helena Cook & Emily Catling

Helena Cook & Emily Catling, Msc Global Holiday (tbc) (help)

hey guys! We’re returning from intercalating and we’d like to be your fourth year reps next year.

Previous partnerships:

  • First year flatmates
  • Second year poster presentation partners
  • Many, many garlic breads eaten

Helena’s got MedSoc experience, and Emily’s got drinking experience, and the combination of both means that having us as fourth year reps ensures the socials will run both smoothly and boozily. All jokes aside however, our aim for the year is to keep getting everyone together on lowkey non-alcoholic/drinking socials throughout the year, not just one big post-IRP night. Since we’re all so split up in fourth year, we want to ensure the close bond between us all stays just as tight as it did in the first three years. It’ll be great to make new friends between those who did/didn’t intercalate, so we want to organize a fun volleyball trip near the beginning of the year so we can all get to know each other again/catch up after a year apart!

Thanks for reading guys, and if you vote for us then Emily will teach you to say “cheers” in every language she now knows.

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