Fourth Year Rep Candidates

Fourth Year Reps

Daisy Holmes & Viv Ngo

Hello, we are Viv and Daisy and we would like to be your fourth-year reps.

We are dedicated, approachable and committed and have that extra northern charm.

Having attended many of the previous 4th year events we can only hope to build on the work of our predecessors. If elected, it goes without saying that we shall organise many trips to the pub, in true northern fashion. We will also “have the additional responsibility of organising the post IRP social” - ‘quote’ section 9.8 in the MedSoc constitution (1). See? We are taking this seriously, we read the constitution and everything.

We are organised with good communication skills and we will take your thoughts on board when planning all events. Between us we have been involved in arranging many socials for various societies, such as the anatomy pub quiz, the paediatric conference (and ball) and the odd night out or two. We feel that the combination of our skills and experiences provides us with the ability to tackle this role in style. Hopefully as a team we will be the best 4th year reps your vote can buy.

We feel with Viv’s socialite status (most likely to see on a night out) and Daisy’s general attendance at almost all socials, we can liaise with all years and keep you up to date on everything that is happening regarding MedSoc. We are confident you won’t miss out on anything fun. We wouldn’t want you to have a case of FOMO now, would we?

This being the fourth time Viv has run for MedSoc, it truly shows her passion and devotion.
We think this is the perfect role for us and we thank you for taking the time to read this. Please do let us know if you have any ideas, concerns or expectations.



1. MedSoc et al. Brighton & Sussex Medical School Medical Society Constitution. Available from [accessed 3 May 2017]

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