Fifth Year Rep Candidates

Fifth Year Reps

Kate Howell & Alice Lagnado

We are putting ourselves forward for the role of 5th year representatives next year. Together we think we have all the characteristics to make us a great team.


The first aspect of this role is representing our year group on the MedSoc committee. We have the necessary people skills and grasp of popular opinion within the year to communicate effectively between the year group, MedSoc and vice versa.


The second aspect of this role is the organisation of the graduate ball, our last formal event together at medical school. In order to make this the ball and night that everyone deserves, a lot of organisation, creativity and team work is required. It is here that we perfectly compliment each other; where one is weak, Kate has the most impressive organisation skills and where there is a lot of black, Alice will inject some great colour. We are confident that together, with the input of the whole year, we can put on a fantastic and hugely entertaining event that we will all fondly remember.


Lastly, this role benefits from experience, something that we both have. In her role of MedSoc treasurer Alice gained a unique understanding of how balls are funded and the background work required to raise significant sums of money. Working in managing role at big events such as weddings and parties, Kate has developed an understanding of the level of planning and organisation that these events require, and an appreciation of all the details that really make them memorable. We have both also been involved in organising large-scale events such as sixth form leaving parties and conferences.


As we enter our final year at BSMS, we would love the opportunity to help make it as smooth as possible for everyone, and end it with a fantastic final party!


BSMS MedSoc is the Medical Society of Brighton and Sussex Medical School.

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