As Treasurers, Farazi and Rabiah are responsible for the supervision of the MedSoc finances.


What is your favourite thing about BSMS?

Rabiah: I love DR sessions they're such great fun and a really good way to learn

Farazi: My favourite thing about BSMS is how friendly everyone is and knowing everyone and the years above too! 


What do you like most about the other?

Rabiah: The thing I like most about Farazi is how funny she is as well as wise she's always the best to go to for advice !! 

Farazi: The thing I like most about Rabiah is her laugh and her bubbly personality! Her laugh is so contagious and most of the time it's funnier than the actual joke. I can assure you that you'll hear her laughter around the Med School at some point during the year! 


What is your best memory of BSMS?

Rabiah: ...too many good moments I can't think of a particular one!! One of these would be filming our video for Hustings; it was such a laugh.

Farazi: I have lots of great memories of BSMS but the weeks leading up to the MedSoc committee elections are unforgettable! Rabiah and I had a great time campaigning as well filming our video for Hustings - our bloopers video really sums up how much fun we had! 


Who would win in a fight?

Rabiah: Farazi would win in a fight hands down she's really strong.

Farazi: I definitely think I would win the fight - I'm a lot stronger!


Dream job if you weren't a medic?

Rabiah: Probably an artist because I love to draw and paint.

Farazi: It's hard but I would have loved to be an established fashion/beauty blogger and be invited to lots of events in big cities!


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