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What's your favourite thing about BSMS?

Davide: The support you get as a student. Although most of the learning is independent you are guided through your studies and always know where to go if you need any help. It's more of a big family than a university. 

Anna: I like that although it is a medical school, it’s not all about the work. It’s about balance and enjoying all aspects of life. Going out, having fun, learning from actual life experiences as well as the work experiences the course gives us means we are normal human beings and not human encyclopaedias. Plus no one acts superior. Not people in your year, in other years or even the staff. I think thats a true testament to the people of BSMS being genuine, caring and grounded.


What's your favorite thing about Brighton?

Davide: Definitely the nightlife. After a year of living in Brighton you kind of understand that it's as though you are living in two completely different worlds. You've got the sunny (*cough*), hot (*cough*) daytime, the seagulls stealing your food and people walking about in the streets just doing their thing.. Pretty chilled really. The night time though, is completely different. The multitude of bars, clubs, and 'happy' people walking around is something you need to see... 

Anna: People just do whatever they want, however they want and no-one takes a second glance. And it’s not that people are uninterested as everyone is so friendly and caring - the whole community is so free and open and just living life - it’s such a cool vibe to be a part of.


If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Davide: South America, somewhere in Argentina. 

Anna: I’d love to say I’d live like Tarzan in the jungle but I honestly am so bad with my own company… I think I’d end up making friends with the trees. But what an ultimate childhood dream to live in a tree house?! or like an old house with loads of secret rooms and passages. I don’t really mind where in the world, maybe Berlin or somewhere in Italy. I’d want it to have all the seasons so I can enjoy the sun in summer but cosy up in winter.   


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