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As IT & Communications Rep, Mo is responsible for updating and improving the medsoc website. Mo is also responsible for external communication on behalf of MedSoc via email and for MedSoc’s presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat (bsmsmedsoc) and Instagram (bsmsmedsoc).


What is your favourite meme? 

Anything like this:

Who is your least favourite committee member?

Technically last year's committee, but Alicia Paessler. #NotMyFirstYearRep Kidding tho, she's actually the bomb dot co dot uk because there are no dot com websites based in the UK even though it would rhyme better. Sad feels.

What is the best hangover cure?

Proud to say I have never had a hangover.


All jokes aside, if we consider the following chinese ancient idiom:


We can infer that taking premeditated, preventative measures is the most effective method of avoiding or at the very least reducing a hangover. Drink plenty of water before, during and after. Stick to clear spirits which are low in toxic by-products of fermentation. Don't forget to eat. Most importantly don't take advice from some random second year medical student who barely scrapes through their KTs and is making this up as they go along.


If you weren't doing your respective role on committee, which other role would you have liked to have run for?

Intercalation Rep. Your excuse for not attending meetings is built into the position.

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