Freshers' Reps

freshers pic circle



As Freshers Reps, Brad and Joe are responsible for publishing the Freshers booklet and for organising a parenting scheme to provide mentors to all Freshers. They are also responsible for organising Freshers week.



Who would make the better nurse?

Brad: Ibs
Joe: Nick Musto


What is your favourite meme?


      Joe: To be honest i missed out on the whole meme thing. Spent most of the last decade working on Freshers Week


Most embarrassing moment you're willing to share?

Brad: I don't have many but Ibs' is definitely when he gave me access to the MedSoc website...
Joe: yeah that time ibs did that
Ibs: yeah 

Describe your perfect night out in Brighton

Brad: has to start to with a very lively pres, get everyone going with some bus karaoke then heading to Haunt/Revenge is always a winner. Ending with a buddies doesn't hurt either

Joe: as long as it starts and ends with buddies, i'm down 


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